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Luule Viilma
Luule Viilma (1950-2002) was one of the greatest spiritual teachers and writers of Estonia. Her books became bestsellers in Estonia, Russia, Finland, Latvia and Lithuania. Read further | ...
Luule Viilma

What is a Teaching of Survival?

The shortest answer to that question would be that it is a series of books written by Dr. Luule Viilma. These books are focused on treating illnesses using only the power of mind. So in these books you will find the theoretical basis of mind-healing, practical methods of healing yourself and real-life samples about Dr. Luule Viilma’s patients. Read further

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Dear first-time-readers,

We welcome You in this web page and wish You interesting reading!

The fact that You have found that page shows that You are in deep search for Mind Peace and Healthier Physical Body of Yours. I hope that we can assist You in this search with the help of a book series called “A Teaching of Survival”.

The book originates from Estonia and belongs to a self-help book series (8 books in total) called “A Teaching of Survival”  (literal translation from Estonian title) written by an Estonian lady Dr. Luule Viilma who started as an active doctor but soon became very popular as an author of the books. More

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